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A Sustainable Future
Down on the farm, we reap what we sow.

Farming & Agriculture

We are busy in the Sunshine State and beyond creating the future of sustainable farming, managing more than 20 square miles of agricultural operations. In Hendry County, which sits in between Ft. Lauderdale and Naples, the company acquired and operates a 18,000-acre farm that features an 1,100-acre citrus grove and 9,000 acres of row crops which includes green beans, bell peppers, mini sweet peppers, potatoes, watermelons, squash and organic produce.

Orange -treeThe farm, known as Garcia Family Farm, produces fresh oranges and oranges sold on the juice market, cultivates a large variety of produce, and fosters a unique sustainable farming community. We are growing additional food on the property and have built an on-site church and job training facility for our employees and their families that reside in comfortable housing on the farm.

At Garcia Family Farm, we place a focus on the latest farming technology, including GPS tracking and irrigation methods for the caretaking and harvesting of crops and weather tracking. On the property, we maintain the largest privately operated water management system in South Florida and implement various water management and other best management practices. We possess an intimate familiarity with compliance requirements of South Florida Water Management District, and continually seek new opportunities to enhance the environmental well-being of our properties and the surrounding environment.

As well, we work with Future Farmers of America to let children experience farming firsthand and speak with experts in the field. We also support the local 4H group in Hendry and partner with students and professors at the University of Florida. Each year we host a Wounded Warrior weekend for our fellow veterans and their families to come spend the weekend at the farm and enjoy the great outdoors.

That’s why we feel so honored to maintain Garcia Family Farm and actively pursue other farming initiatives in the U.S. and abroad. We are able to directly improve the quality of life for those in our community. We believe everyone deserves three basic things: a place to live, food to eat and power to operate their daily lives.

For The ESG Companies, Garcia Family Farm aligns with the company’s overall mission: strive to create a better world and enrich the lives of all those we touch.

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