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A Safe and Secure Future
We understand the necessity of a clean and sustainable environment.

Energy Solutions

We are committed to the cultivation and delivery of future energy sources by focusing on technologies and methods that are renewable, sustainable and accessible.

We have a particular interest in solar energy and recognize its low cost, high efficiency and ability to be a critical source of energy in the coming years. Our current projects include the research and development to manufacture high-efficiency solar panels, construction/operation of solar farms and facilities, effective storage of generated energy and investment in emerging renewable energy companies and technologies.

We also participate in efforts to highlight and address regulatory, legislative, and logistical roadblocks that constrain the development of solar power. That’s why we are proud, under the auspices of our company Global Energy United, LLC, to be founding and executive members of Citizens for Clean Energy, a high profile coalition that supports public policy for clean energy jobs. Citizens for Clean Energy also partners with several Florida colleges to instill these eco-friendly values in students.

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