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Multifaceted. Agile. Resourceful.
Our team has deep insight into every step of the development process.


The ESG Companies are pro-active when it comes to land development. Often we’ll obtain the land, create the design, oversee the construction and manage the leasing and operations. In other cases, we enlist the services of skilled partners. We take great pride in our flexibility and ability to know when to be in full control - and when to let others do what they do best.

This strategy has allowed us to create lasting relationships with contractors, vendors, tenants and government officials. They know The ESG Companies can handle any situation and produce high-quality results. Over the years, our development efforts have expanded, diversified, and succeeded, increasing the tax base of real estate in Virginia Beach alone by one billion dollars.

Building on the past while looking toward the future, we continue to evaluate new projects, tackle new challenges, and build value in our communities.

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