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Why An Arena?

Virginia Beach is currently the top market in the nation without a state-of-the-art arena.

Why Our Team?

Our project team combines the finest qualities of global expertise and perspective with long-term local presence and experience.

What Are The Benefits?

From quality of life to economic drivers, the arena will be a year-round boost for the city and region.

The Virginia Beach Arena

Virginia Beach is ready for a world-class arena. As the largest city in the state of Virginia and a leader in attracting visitors to its beaches, festivals and other outdoor venues, Virginia Beach is the perfect host and setting for a year-round, multi-purpose entertainment and sports venue. United States Management, LLC (USM), an affiliate of The ESG Companies, is the City's choice to bring this project to fruition. On July 25, 2017, a new special purpose entity, Mid-Atlantic Arena, LLC (MAA), was formed and is the successor in interest to USM, and now holds the contracts with the City of Virginia Beach. The creation of MAA was solely due to a lender requirement for the project. The management of the Virginia Beach Arena team are well respected for their commitment to bring innovative amenities to the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads communities. The visual renderings are purely concepts and not meant to depict final/actual design.


Arena News

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 | Virginia Beach, VA
Our company today filed a lawsuit against the City of Virginia Beach for damages caused by the City’s refusal to honor its legal commitment to our firm and the many others who worked tirelessly over the past four and a half years to bring a world- class entertainment and sports arena to our community without the need for public financing.
Tuesday, August 15, 2017 | Virginia Beach, VA
As permitted in the Development Agreement for the Arena, the City of Virginia Beach has granted a 60-day extension to the Outside Closing Date, extending it from September 7 to November 7.